Tuesday, April 14, 2009

10 Months, with Late Portraits!

I can't believe how fast this little person is growing up. And it is like she is going from 0-60 in the mobility department. She barely scootched around for the longest time, and now she is speeding all over the floor with her crawling. She is also "propping", which I found out at her 9 month portraits means standing while holding onto something. Very different from cruising, which is walking while holding on to something. I am kidding of course. Why does it seem like there has to be a name for every minute thing kids do? This propping one really struck me as dumb!

So on that note, she is also pulling herself up to standing. Shouldn't that have a catchy one word name too? And she is for sure enjoying signing. "More" is the favorite, but she is learning some others, including potty, and more interestingly, seems to want to make up her own. She does these funny hand motions sometimes, like rubbing them together, almost as if she is saying, "I have something to tell you, and I know these hands of mine work like that for some things!"

She is for sure coming into her own in the temper department. Wonder if she will hold a candle to Orion. She gets mad as heck if he takes a toy away now, and will scream to let him know! It will probably be a good thing if she is pretty spirited herself. She is going to need a strong personality to match her brother. :) I keep thinking to myself, "the honeymoon is over." Now that Akasha is pulling up, she can reach the toys Orion has previously put on the coffee table to keep out of her grasp, so it is all out war most days, and I am working to find good solutions for harmonious play.

And in honor of 10 months, here are the 9 month portraits LOL. We really got them at more like 9.5 and just got around to scanning them so it's all good.

I took the Care Bears outfit just to get a shot for Sarah. Hope she likes it. :)

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