Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Scott Noelle on No Regrets

Loving this so much I had to share it! One of Scott's most poetic pieces ever!

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: No Regrets ::

As you progress and become a wiser parent, you may at
times feel regret that you didn't "know better" when
your children were younger. You may even feel guilty
for "damaging" them. If so, let Mother Nature inspire
you to a more hopeful perspective.

Have you ever explored a wild forest and appreciated
the awesome way in which Life springs forth from the
chaos? Then you know Mother Nature never regrets. She
learns as she goes and always makes the best of things
as they are. She never looks back.

When a tree takes root in the shadows, Mother Nature
doesn't regret giving it a "sub-optimum" start in
life. She trusts it will bend toward the Light and
find a way to thrive. And in doing so, the tree
creates its own unique beauty.

She knows that no storm, flood, or fire can stop the
endless Flow of Life through her children.


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