Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunny Days and Shiny Rocks

Had our first really warm day today! We have had some sunny days, but they were still pretty cool and crisp. Our terraces have also exploded with flowers! Didn't even know they were there! Orion calls that section just to the left of him "the flower jungle".
Kona... DENIED! This is one of the corners where she was getting out, but now they are boarded up. When we let her out she wanders back and forth between them. Sometimes she just lays there and dreams of freedom.
We decided painting rocks sounded like fun! Do you see something in the green? Try to take a close look before reading below!

Orion doesn't read or write yet, but I swear it looked like "Joy" to me when I uploaded it! I am thinking I should blow this up and frame it to remind me that is his true internal state!

My Easter egg rock:
Hard at work

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