Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bobby Fischer?

We had an interesting day around here. Orion found some chess pieces and asked what they were all about. I told them they were for a game, but that I would have to hunt for a board if he wanted to play. In the meantime, this is what he did:
He called it a parade!

I found a board and set them up, figuring I would play a simplified version with him. Well... he caught on much faster than I expected! I couldn't believe how well he understood how all the pieces moved, and he really seemed to get the concept about some pieces protecting others and thinking ahead to the next move. After I started out favoring him a bit, he had me on the run before I knew it!

Here is the eerie part though.... At some point, he told me the reason he could play so well was that Bobby taught him! I didn't even think about it at the time. Bobby has been his imaginary friend around here for awhile now. Sometimes he calls him his brother. Then I remembered Bobby Fischer later in the day, and it kindof freaked me out! So I looked it up and found out he died in January of 2008. I wish I could remember when Bobby appeared around here, but it was pretty darn close to that. Freeeeaky!

This has nothing to do with chess, but I thought it was a pretty cool creation and example of how complicated his building is getting.

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