Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sprouts and Games

Here is another not very good picture of sprouts haha. It is just hard to see them because of the extra stuff in the soil. These are radishes I decided to try growing in a pot. I thought they would be fun for Orion because they are the fastest to grow, although I don't think he will like them to eat much. As soon as we finish up our little side plot, I want to get some carrots in the ground as well.

We had Jessica and Dane over for dinner and some gaming tonight. This is the mom I met at Rite Aid. Just goes to show you can strike up conversations with total strangers that might end up being good friends. Her dreads are new. I am jealous of them. Now that I have cut my hair I feel like I should have stuck with the idea of going dread. It is a fun cut for now though and will grow out before I know it.

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