Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Delivery Day!

Rose and Jim went to visit a friend in Eugene for Tuesday and Wednesday. I spent most of Tuesday cleaning out the garage because on Wednesday we were expecting...

The Big Home Depot Delivery! Here is the transformer truck, as Ron called it. The fork lift just popped right off the end of the truck to do its job.

The ominous pile of brick

The even more ominous stretch of grass that will hopefully be a path someday soon.

The even more ominous French Doors that will hopefully occupy a large hole in our lower level. Notice the lovely clear patch of garage wall that was filled with junk just the day before.

The even more ominous... oh wait, those are just kids. In the meantime, the delivery was quite a show for the neighborhood. What started as truck watching turned into a squirt bottle fight.

Neighbor Claire says, "Let's give Orion a turn." She is really good to him.

Orion squirts back
Here comes daddy with Orion's own squirt gun.
"Thanks Dad!"
Stalking for prey

Claire soaking Orion's back
Claire making rain

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