Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Getting Somewhat Recovered

Phew, what a last few days. For some crazy reason, I decided to keep the covenant group on the same day we got back. I knew we would get off the ship in the morning and the group isn't until 5pm. But still... poor Orion was sooo overtired and I was hoping he would sleep in the car on the way home. Not a chance. So I layed down with him right when we got home and basically had time to get up, print out the topic and leave. I felt bad because Ron ended up staying home with Orion, but he was probably more than happy to haha.

Then I was going to skip church on Sunday, but I realized they were having the teacher and helper dedication. I had already missed the orientation and meet and greet, so I figured I should probably go. And then Monday I was scheduled to work at Zenana! So it wasn't until Tuesday that I finally had my flake out day. Sheesh.

Just the right amount of rest for having my friend's daughter over. I am doing a bit of swapping with her as she has to volunteer at her older daughter's coop, so we get to hang out with little Nora. And then I will get some free time when she takes Orion a bit. Apparently my dear boy is still reeling from accumulated lack of sleep. Either that or there are some behavior issues going on from the gluten in his system. (We were so careful to ask about all the food, but by the end of the cruise we could see his digestion moving into a gluteny phase.) Whatever the case, he has just been so unpredictable and easily upset since getting home, to the point of not wanting other kids in his room and even randomly hitting when I can't see any trigger.

Luckily, it seems to be limited to kids around his age and not babies or small toddlers. So even though he was having tiffs with Ruby, who he usually loves, he did great with just Nora. Here he was playing with her, putting a hat on and off their heads.

Later that day, I dragged Ron out for a walk. We have this great little "park" that runs behind our house, but we rarely go there because it is so overgrown. It is basically a protected strip of land on either side of Willow Creek. This is the perfect time of year, though, because the waters have gone down and the older neighborhood kids have done a great job trampling down paths! Right around the corner from us is an "official" access point with stairs.
Orion is ready! Whenever we go to the creek, he picks a rock on the way to throw in. You can just barely see it at the bottom of the picture.
And really well here.
Father and son tromping through the grass.
Kona contemplating the water.
The creek!
Kona loves bounding through the long grass!
But she also loves the water! We never would have thought it as a puppy. We always thought her sled dog half won out because of her fear of water, but the retriever half kicked in.
The day ended on a sad note. Orion came running up to me crying, and his foot was bleeding. :( I have no idea how it happened. Maybe a twig? It really was nowhere near as bad as it looked. The skin around it looks all swollen, but it was just smeared blood. It all washed off except for a little scratch. I was surprised at how much it had bled when I saw how small it was!

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