Friday, September 14, 2007

Alaskan Cruise, Day 7 - Pizza and Farewells

The last day was all at sea. Too bad it was COLD! I was bummed because I really wanted to take Orion back in the pool and maybe get some waterslide pictures. Here we have had some of the most perfect weather of the entire summer we were told, and when we head South it gets freezing! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention yesterday just how lucky we were with the weather. At the excursion gathering they told us the past week had been so stormy that they had to take an alternate route to Prince Rupert, got in two hours late and every single excursion had to be cancelled!

The Kid's Club had a pizza making party I figured we wouldn't go to, but then Orion said he wanted to make one for Ron. Awww.

I am so bummed this picture came out blurry, but I had to include it anyway, because it is the cutest hug ever! We didn't think Olivia was coming to the pizza party. She showed up a little late, and Orion was clearly overjoyed!
The assembly line! Notice one of the staff showing Olivia how to make cup hands to get her cheese. So cute.
Orion cheesing it up.
Dad says, "Make me one with everything." You can also (kindof) see his official Kid's Club shirt he got today, and his coloring job on it. It cracked me up when I saw the picture, because all he got on it was an orange scribble, and it looks like spilled pizza sauce in this shot.
Patiently waiting for the pizzas to cook. That is Orion's other good buddy, Reef. His dad was super cool - a total surfer as you might figure.
An impromptu game of crayon train. Pushing a line of crayons along the crack between the tables proved to be totally engrossing.
The finished product and Ron's assessment.
Group shot of pizza chowers.
And the evolution of the game - how to catch things on the other side.
Later that day, we checked out the shuffleboard. We didn't actually play a game, but we had fun pushing the pucks around. Notice we are the only people outside. Yeah, it was cold!

And that about wraps up our trip since we will be getting off first thing tomorrow morning. Oh, excuse me, I mean disembarking. The rest of the day was spent packing, deciding on pictures, and we did do the Benihana type restaurant for dinner with Jess, Dane and Baby Olivia. That was a pretty good time!

Back to reality tomorrow. Ugh!

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Scott said...

Loved all the trip pics. Looks fun!