Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yurting at Devil's Lake

We have had a yurt trip with friends planned for months now. It was a great weekend, even though we had quite a bit of rain and Ron never did make it to join us. He got piled with a bunch of work on Friday, and planned to come up on Saturday, but couldn't find his keys! This was my first time staying in an OR State Park yurt, and they are amazingly nice! Nights were challenging since Orion is used to sleeping with Ron, but we muddled through. :) Also, I forgot my camera. Grrrr. I would probably have alot more to say if I had pictures to go with it, but I just have these few, stolen from friends.

How cute is she in her fleece jumper? I can't remember which of my friends I got this from, but wow, what a score. It was perfect for this rainy trip!
Little bandit! These dudes were literally walking right in to camp trying to steal our food. One almost made away with my bag of marshmallows!
Chaos in the yurt! As lovely as they were, it was pretty crazy in there with 7 kids!

ETA: That yurt was just the play area at that moment. I realized this might look like we all tried to share one. That would have been insane! Each family had their own. You are only allowed 5 people each in them. :)

ETA2!!! Some extra pictures from the Mama Rachele cam:

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