Thursday, October 22, 2009

Seattle Catch Up

The little silver camera (AKA Orion's camera) has been missing, but we found it, so now I have some catching up to do. Some of the stuff on there was older, but I figured I would get the Seattle stuff up first.

Here was the scene at the Food Court when we took a break for lunch. I thought it was so cool they had all this stuff set up, and Akasha was just squealing with delight. I was impressed by how careful Orion was to make sure she didn't run into anything too hard.

I was so glad Orion ended up going in to see the butterflies, because he ended up being quite charmed by them! He took a ton of pictures. Some of them were as good or better than mine LOL!

In the hatchery... on cloth diapers!
Orion wanted to take a picture of the guide.
Then this guy was right on the edge. I said to Orion, "I guess he wants to learn about butterflies!" He thought that was hilarious.
Orion also took this picture of the naturalist's shirt. :) This guy ROCKED. He was required to go over several rules as people went in, and he made it SO fun for the young kids, having them get involved with the process. He was also endlessly patient with and even seemed to enjoy Orion's many questions.

And here is a snippet by Orion of the butterfly action:

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Wendy Hawksley said...

What gorgeous butterfly photos!