Saturday, October 24, 2009

Plumper Pumpkins

Wow, the weather was insanely beautiful today! Perfect day to get out to a pumpkin patch! We picked Plumber because they have all sorts of launching devices - popular with the boys!

We snagged a wagon in the parking lot, which was a BIG hit with Akasha. (More "wheewheewhee".)
As much as she loved it, she also absolutely refused to smile!
Oh well, we ended up getting there way too close to her naptime, which was my own fault. I was really looking forward to some great photo ops, and she just wouldn't even look at me most of the time! This one was still kinda neat I thought.
Orion, on the other had, has no problem posing.
He loved this colorful corn!
Funny shaped pumpkin!
Orion is endlessly amused with these stick your head in the hole things.
Not really sure what the attraction was to this moldy headed guy. Ick!
Taking a break for a Daddy hug.
Highlight of the day! This pumpkin gun was some type of air compressor thing. There is a car out in the field they were shooting at, and if you look closely, you can see a little orange dot flying through the air. Orion picked it, and it hit the car. He was so excited. We never saw it get hit again that day, so I guess we got pretty lucky!
This was a shot he did with 8 small pumpkins all at the same time.
Then it was time to try a hand at the giant slingshots. There was a sign that said, Only one person per bay, but luckily the kid collecting the money didn't really seem to care.
Akasha checking out the slingshot action.
This is what the attendant was doing. Guess that is why he was so distracted. :)
Later that day.... Looks like we got some raking to do....
"Yeah mom, I'm gettin' all wet!"
Both kids thought it was hilarious the way this leaf was dangling off Kona's belly when she came in side.
And tomorrow we are expected to be back to the rain. :)

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