Friday, October 23, 2009

October Happenings

There has been all sorts of Samhain spirit around here lately! Orion decided to make some little people out of the leftover S'more marshmallows! They were going to the Halloween Carnival. Here they are riding one of the rides:
Meanwhile, Akasha was sitting in her favorite spot and eating dirt in the backyard. :p
Usually when either of the kids or Kona is in the yard, our neighbor's sweet dog will peer at us from the balcony. Her name is Delilah, and Akasha calls her "Lila".
What to do with a bunch of plastic skulls that are designed for hanging on lights that I saved for some reason? Play games during the baby's naptime! The bottoms are flat, so I decided to see how they would slide on the Pergo. Great as it turned out! First game I thought of was the classic "see how close you can get it to the rug without hitting it". I think that guy closest to Orion was the winner of this round.
We realized it was kindof hard to remember which ones had hit the rug and bounced back a little, so we decided to remove them from the area. Here are some offenders in the "dungeon".
Just because Orion wants to be in pretty much every picture I take LOL.
Next game - line them up on opposite sides of the area and see if you can slide them into the ones on the other side.
Ghosties made out of old and frayed cloth diapers and an old and frayed washcloth I cut into quarters to ball up for the heads. Reusing at its best! :) I was hoping to hang these dudes in one of the trees in the front yard, but so far, Orion wants to keep them in the house to play with them.
Orion still changes his mind about 10 times a day about what he wants to be for Halloween. I think we will go see what is left around Wed or so. That way, there will only be a few days of him being upset about wanting to be something different, which seems inevitable at this point.

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