Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

And we totally sucked at pictures. Akasha got a late nap, and we kinda ran out of time, but here is a shot of Orion as the Red Power Ranger. Not sure what the pose was all about!
Akasha, on the other hand, we didn't get a single decent photo of. :( She had a cute little ladybug pullover, but you can't really see the antennae here.
This is what happened when I tried to put her down for a shot with brother.
Yeah, she is usually a little grouchy for awhile after getting up. AND it looks like the lens on the little camera is smudged up or something. Must remember to clean it!

You can't tell in the picture, but this would be her first ever taste of a candy bar! After I realized she had managed to gnaw through a Snickers wrapper (no joke!), I figured, what the heck? They don't have a very thick chocolate coating. She didn't have much of a reaction, so maybe she is already almost past her dairy issues. That would sure be nice!
Stolen from Zoe's blog of the whole gang.

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