Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Another Art Exploooooooooosion

I got behind in hanging up art, so this is a giant catch up post. These aren't in the order he made them, or any order for that matter. Just some stuff I like! Hopefully these aren't any duplicates from older stuff I posted.

Kid on a slide!

Easter Egg
I liked this one with the long armed dude because it was also his first sun with "rays".
A birthday cake!
This is how he draws me. :) I love the cheeks.
This was quite a production for him. He usually doesn't spend this much on a single drawing. This was a whole city he said. There is even a gray street under the cars.
This one has a bit of a story. Orion drew the fireman, then wanted me to draw fire. He kept making the shape in the air to show me, but I didn't realize he only wanted me to draw ONE flame right under the water. So he was quite upset at first. :( Then I suggested making the water go into streams. He liked that and said, "Why didn't I think of that?!" haha This was kindof a big deal because he usually gets really upset and frustrated when a drawing doesn't go his way, then crumples it up. Yay for thinking outside the box a little!
Daddy, who doesn't have blue eyes. :shrug:
Guy on a motorcycle. One of my favorites!
This one is pretty neat because he was wanting to paint a heart, but felt he didn't know how and was asking for help. Tessi suggested he painted the way he thinks of a heart, and this is how it came out!
Fire engine, with a hose and everything! And apparently a flat tire LOL.
This one was quite recent. He said it was several friends singing Mary Had a Little Lamb together. :) Notice the notes, and I guess people close their eyes when singing!
Just somebody under a rainbow. Mommy with a baby in the tummy? The square things on the arms are sleeves.
Orion drew these two then asked me to add the hearts. :)
Mixed media! Akasha loves this one. She cries, "Doggy, doggy!" every time she sees it. I asked Orion if that was a noodle he ate in his tummy, and he said, "No! It's a stripe!" Of course!
He knew just where to put this sticker.

When I asked about this one, it was simply described as "a guy with really long arms."
This is probably my all time favorite so far - a family of dragons! I think it rocks he pictures dragons as spirals!

What to do with that old Halloween fabric hanging around.

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Mama Rachele said...

Loved seeing Orion's art so much! I think Kai is trying to copy Orion's faces-- he gets the circle and the 2 eyes, usually, but hasn't added nose or mouth yet!

I loved the paintings-- what type of paint do you use? I've heard they have powdered tempura paints that you can mix with water- but haven't found them yet.