Sunday, July 5, 2009

UU Family Camp

We went to a Unitarian Universalist Family Camp for Fourth of July weekend. I went up on Thursday with just the kids. Not sure what I was thinking LOL, but we survived.

One thing the camp is known for is their giant slip n slide. It wasn't open the first night, but there were some puddles at the bottom a bunch of kids were playing in...
...until they got told they weren't supposed to be on it unless it was officially open. Oops. At least they had a good time before they got busted:

Really cool moth we found hanging out on a bathroom door. I have never seen a moth so green!
There was a bunch of programming, but Orion was pretty much not interested in any of it. This was one of the very rare moments where he actually went around a group of people, and I think it was only because some folks had discovered a little snail crawling around on some moss.
Said snail!
He was also totally fascinated with watching this other mama add beads to her necklace.
He spent alot of time around these baby trees. Not sure why...
Another random "Orion needs a haircut" picture.
Best camp buddy! They were camped right near us, and they are just two peas in a pod. At one point, they were flinging huge handfuls of sand at each other and just cracking up about it. By the last day, whenever they saw each other, they would run into a long embrace. So cute!
Random wrestling silliness on the cot.

Orion up top with a very specific face he asked me to take a picture of.
The biggest sandbox ever!!!! Or so it seemed to the kids. This is where Orion spent most of his time.
Going down to the creek was also a hit.

And looking for rocks to...
...throw in, over and over and over. I swear the boy could throw rocks in water all day long!
Although, sometimes if you throw rocks too long, you almost miss out on the candy hand out!
Phew, just it time.
Akasha made lots of new friends!
Still working on her social skills...

In her Fourth of July dress! I think this is the first red, white and blue article of clothing I have ever liked! I might even put her in it again.

The scene at the pool.
Ron decided to brave the slip n slide for one trip down with Orion even though he could barely walk after a night on a thin mattress.

Loooong walk back up the hill.
Baby pool time for Akasha.

It was a good time, despite stepping on a bee on my birthday, and neat to meet lots of UUs from other congregations. I think my favorite new thing from the weekend was this grace song:
Give thanks to Mother Earth
Give thanks to Father Sun,
Give thanks to the plants in the garden,
Where The Mother and the Father are One.
Oh, and the birthday card Orion made me, which I will take a picture of and post later.

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