Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Clever Baby

This is going to be one of those full of updates posts. Akasha has been walking and talking up a storm. And she has settled on a word for milk. I have always called it milk, but all of a sudden she is calling it "moomoo". She doesn't even know what a cow is! Very funny child. I will not be encouraging this.

She has several distinct words now, including

bubba (brother)
ow (getting good at that one - stupid molars)
num (for food)
dee (i think means drink)
dog and boof
kitty kat and meow
and of course... no, said with a whole body shake sometimes lol
But my favorite is thank you, which she says when you give her something, or sometimes when she gives me something haha. She says it more like "tankoo", but it really is surprisingly clear.

She is also starting to respond to simple requests. A couple times I have asked her to go get something, not really expecting her to do it, but she did!

She has three of her four one year molars broken through. Boy will I be glad when that is done!

ETA: Oh, and how could I forget?! She made her first sign language "sentence" last weekend. She has been signing more for a long time and also has separate signs for food and milk. Sometimes when she starts signing more, I will ask her, more food or more milk? She usually doesn't answer. But when we were at the beach she signed more, then milk! Exciting. :)

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