Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Meeting Albert

Sounds like it should be the name of some movie LOL.

And here he is, in all his celery eating glory!
What a sweet boy he is! We had some extra celery on hand we brought over as a gift to win his affection. It seemed to work. :) Orion was smitten! He was just so engaged and gentle with the little fellow in a way I never imagined.

This picture does not do justice to the intricacy of petal trails that were evident in this set up. There is always something fascinating happening in the mind of Eva!

Munching on a purple carrot. Turns out they are still orange inside. Who knew? Albert, apparently.
Adoring fans.
And all the while, Akasha is on the sidelines, plotting to take over the world.
Note the berry stains around her mouth. It wouldn't be a visit to Jessica's in the summer without a flat of berries on the counter. :)

My other grand plan for the day! Melting chocolate chips to dip berries in!
I was excited she had some golden raspberries. I love them! Also notice the beginnings of a berry sandwich at the bottom that was Orion's creation. It is like a smore, only with raspberry instead of marshmellow! It needs a name! Berrymore? LOL

Orion wanted me to take a picture of his finished sandwich, and I just happened to catch a phantom hand going in for a bit more chocolate. :)
Ah, it was a great afternoon. Orion was really involved with Albert and Eva for most of it, and Samuel seemed so cutely taken with Akasha. On the way home, Orion sighed heavily and said, "I wish we could live there, so we could have a guinea pig and three kids." I asked, "What about sister?!" (I guess babies don't count.) He thought about that a minute and said, "I have a great idea! I can be Samuel's and sister can be Eva's!" I asked for some clarification, and indeed he meant like a whole playing house scenario with S and A as the mother and father. I mean really, who needs adults?

I gave this post a "cooking" tag, although the only real cooking we did was melting chocolate chips haha! Maybe I should have a tag that is "food and cooking". I wonder if there is a function to change the name of an existing tag....

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