Sunday, July 5, 2009

Art Catch Up!

Had a couple paintings of Orion's from a bit ago I never posted.

This was described to me as "me and you with lots of balls on our heads".
This one was a boy playing soccer.
I really need to get the paints out more often!

This is the paper I made at camp!
It was so fun and easy! You take about five or six feet of toilet paper and put it in a jar, then add bits of grass, petals, etc. You can also use other small scraps of colorful paper. Then add water, put a lid on and shake, shake, shake. Poor it out onto a screen over something else water can run through. We were using tennis rackets! Then put another screen on top and use a sponge to get out as much water as you can. Then flip it onto a flat surface to dry. Voila.

They also had materials out for collages, and Orion made his first collage of almost all dogs.
Oh yeah, and speaking of Orion firsts, I can't believe I forgot to mention he did an entire circle dance with me when the live band was playing on the Fourth. I never thought I would see the day!

My barely started collage. Between Akasha in the carrier and keeping an eye on Orion, I didn't make much progress. Now I can't decide if I should keep working on it, or leave it in this minimalist state as a testimony to motherhood.
But this has to be my favorite thing that Orion has ever made:
According to Ron, he spent ages going though magazines to find just these exact pictures! What does this say about me?! ROFL I am not even eating potatoes right now, but I guess I am frequently involved with food. But am I full of bull or what? I really should ask him to tell me about it.


Jenn said...

The bull paired with the Tabasco sauce is awesome.

Ronald Prague said...

No love for my homeade card? :(