Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New House!

Finally getting some pictures of the new place up.

And here it is... the house that wins the "most looks like a trailer" award!
Hmmm, what to plant here?
Look what the owner left us. She seems really sweet, even though she said no chickens. Grrr.
Kitchen is a decent size considering how small the place is. And the cupboards are GREAT. It has those cool custom corner ones that are angled at the top and pull out at the bottom.
Dining area and sneak peak to the backyard.
Looking back toward the front door.
Bathroom is nice and spacious as well.
And tada! The backyard! That whole back corner is solid blackberries, and they are LOADED!
View toward the other corner.
Akasha checking out a bedroom.
And wondering what this red thing does. Hmm, I know brother was doing something with it.
Who me?
Like I said, LOADED! Mmmmm

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