Saturday, July 11, 2009


It is still rather surreal to me thinking about my daughter on tour and hanging out with Motley Crue and the like. But the swag is for real! She recently sent us a box, and it literally covered the whole futon!

Orion really wanted to be in the picture with all the stuff.
Highlights were two great shirts and several other things from Dress Like A and a knapsack, stuffed dog and bunch of food products from a company called Explorer's Bounty, including some delicious puffed food products and even some gluten free crackers. Seriously, this stuff was good enough I might go online and order more when I get around to it. And of course lots of Tshirts, the swag standard LOL. The giant R shirts are from the pirate place as well, as in Arrrrrrr! I guess haha.

Here is Orion, Dress Like a'd out and making his best pirate mouth.

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