Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lovely Day

I was so blessed to get to spend a day with Sharon Wesolowski and some other mothers at a retreat which was part of her Ministry of the Mother. It was also my friend Rachele's birthday, and she decided to come, so that was extra lovely! We got to start the day with a soak in the hot tub - ahhhhh, and then spent the rest of the time either in circle or on a sacred forest walk. One other mom brought her kids, so Akasha had another little girl to pal around with, and the whole day was just amazingly blissful and relaxing.

If there is an open door, chances are Akasha will go through it. :)
This was our "talking stick" for the day.
Rachele got this photo of me. I am wearing hats alot now because my head is cold! I hope we get some warm weather soon!
The girls let the ducks out and the older one collected some eggs. They look like they are in a beautiful golden nest here!
Said ducks and duck chaser. :)

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