Sunday, June 27, 2010

Backyard Campout!

What a fun idea this was! We even had a firepit thanks to my friend Angie! And we had a surprise visit from Tessi, who inspired us to do some drumming. And Rachele had the idea of doing a little solstice ritual. The funniest part of the night was when there was a knock at the door, and I thought somebody was coming to complain about the noise, but it was a guy from down the street who wanted us to KEEP drumming lol. Struck me as an old deadhead, and I think he and a few other folks were having their own party down the street. I think this was about midnight, and I wasn't sure if ALL the neighbors would appreciate it so much haha. I was so glad Nicole took some pictures as I wasn't feeling inspired to.

Oh yeah, and we had sparklers too!
Nobody put their eye out.
I am actually nursing and drumming here lol. Nicole called it multitasking.
Marshmallow face!
Next morning, the kids played with the wagon while the moms sipped tea.
I look like a turtle lol.

What a trippy picture this is with all the sunbeams!
I just love this shot with the saying on the wagon, and they are on a little journey. It could be my new blog header!
Hard work!
And Mama Shell, the pied piper of children... and dogs lol. And yes, most of them were looking at the television.

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