Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Impromptu Picnic!

We met "Mama Shell" and KaiKai in a local park to have dinner and do some playing, oh and find a cache of course lol. It was a nice park with two different play areas and even a tiny creek running through it. And thanks to Rachele, we have some pictures.

Orion thought this tree looked like it had a face on it!
Not sure if this is when Kai was rocking Akasha or telling her he wanted a turn lol.
A slug! Very exciting. Better here than on our strawberries!

He does stop once in awhile.
Kids in motion.

Sleepy eyes.
Second wind!
Nice day... we stayed until it was getting dark ,which is late this time of year! There was one adventure that didn't make it to film.... I didn't even realize how much water was in the creek until I crossed it on the bridge. It was a thin little thing but deep, and just bubbling away. It was practically hidden by the grass growing up on either side. So much so that a toddler running right for it and looking at the boys on the other side might not even see it! :/ Bam, in she went and got soaked. Luckily I had an extra change of clothes so it was all good.

And then when I got into the driveway I realized my little backpack from Guatemala wasn't with us! Ugh, it was a bit of drive back, but it is my geocaching swag bag, so I had to try to find it. The best I could remember was that I set it on the ground next to car but couldn't believe I wouldn't have seen it there before getting in! Then again, I was pretty tired.

So I drive back and don't see it there and almost went back home very bummed out, but at Rachele's suggestion, I decided to walk back over to the picnic table. Lo and behold, some nice person had actually hung the bag on the door handle leading into the building. I felt so fortunate!

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