Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy actual bday...

... at least by the calendar. It seemed like you were born on the night of the 13th, as that is when active labor kicked in, and you were born in the wee hours, when it was still dark. And I loved the idea of you having a bday on the 13th. I bet I will always confuse those dates.

Anyway... your bday was a rather quiet day. Then Orion remembered the cake and thought we should do the whole candle thing again! So the following cuteness was all his idea!

Later on that day... Akasha started building these towers to the sky!
She was really into setting the blocks so that they would be as tall as possible. When she couldn't stack them from the floor anymore, she got on top of the table to keep stacking them. It all seemed very impressive at the time and is just now striking me as funny that this is a perfect snapshot of a developmental stage on her birthday.

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Laura said...

Wow, a stark reminder that Amelia will be 2 in just about three months! It's hard to believe they're not babies anymore. I love watching their personalities blossom!