Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life is Good 2010 - In Pictures

I am still thinking about all the things I want to put into words, but for now, I at least wanted to get some photos up!

We actually made it to the conference in time for the opening remarks, and then the first talk started and Akasha promptly started up with some shenanigans lol.

The speaker was Laura Flynn Endres, and the most hilarious part about the whole thing was later she told me she had NO idea Akasha was running back and forth behind her! She was so focused on her talk, she didn't even notice!

Later in the halls with one of my Mother's Helpers, another mom got this shot of her, and I stole it from her Facebook.
One of the attendees dressed up as Captain Jack and did a Treasure Hunt with the kids. His attention to detail in his costume was amazing!

Orion in the hotel room with PS, root beer and crunchy peas. He is all set.
Boffing madness in the hall! I think this is my favorite photo from the whole conference. It looks like Xander is about to boff her in the head, but it was just total coincidence.
Many of the kids made little mailboxes to leave by their doors, and Akasha was so intrigued with them.
Here she is checking out the hair clips Alli made.
Yep, it goes right there!
And in big news, I was one of several people to shave my head in order to send it off to a group called Matter of Trust. They make mats out of it to help pick up oil spills.
Feeling the wool.
Annie snipped all the braids before she went in for the serious shaving.
Last one!

Half bald!
Just about done!
Before and after!
Sunday at the drum circle. The girl in the pink bandana was one of my main Akasha followers. :)
Runner up for favorite photo. :) This kid was sound asleep during the drumming!
Akasha bouncing around at the Kimya Dawson concert.
Lots of kids right down in front.

And some video....

More boffing madness:
I had never seen Orion doing the dramatic dying thing before! It somehow seemed like a milestone of growing up lol.

A bit of the drum circle:

The amazing Kimya Dawson singing Alphabutt!

Kimya and several LIG teens singing Loose Lips:


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