Sunday, July 25, 2010

WeMoon Weekend

I had the great pleasure of spending the weekend at the WeMoon land in Estacada for a women's retreat. Lots of wonderful nature time and connecting time. I had some interesting realizations and felt like I recommitted to some plans that have been hatching in my head for awhile.

They have a beautiful campfire area.
This little sweetie is Odessa. She was such a character. If any of the kids had a ball or stick, she would try to grab it.
These wildflowers were growing all over the place!
Love the composting toilet! There is a flip sign for saying whether the Goddess is On or Off her Throne lol.
Side of the throne with suuuuuun! That's one powerful goddess shooting energy out of her hand. :)
Akasha wanted to push the camera button alot on this trip. I had several interesting shots of the floor and feet and such, but this one was kinda fun!
The main house on the land is beautiful. This is the main area on the first floor.
Akasha was fascinated with making a box out of these two wood pieces and played with them for a long time.
Spiral staircase to the second floor - also a great source of fascination for A. :)
Sharon and Akasha creating an altar.
My minigoddess.
Akasha loved this Kali statue. She kept sticking her tongue out at it lol.
It was quite hot on Saturday, so some of us went over to a nearby river to cool off. Akasha pretty much spent all her time throwing rocks in the water.
Strange funnyface.
Missy Cute Butt

Lovely Lounging Area the Sweet Nest Goddesses set up. Akasha enjoyed jumping around on the cushions.

This was probably my favorite hilarious moment of the whole weekend. This stuffed toy belonged to Odessa, but Akasha got hold of it while she wasn't around and had a nice playtime with it. Here she is in serious conversation, saying things like, "Do you want to lay down with me? Ok, let's lay down."
Flowers floating on water.
Sunday breakfast - A Tale of Two Blueberry Eaters
These two had lots of moments of fighting over various objects on the weekend, so it was nice to see them sharing a chair.
I had a nice drive home and got a few geocaches. I couldn't believe how busy the road along the river was! People with boats everywhere coming and going. The area up there is so beautiful - I really need to spend more time exploring it!

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