Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 4 - Geowoodstock Adventure Bonus Day!

Calling this a bonus day as I originally planned to be home on Sunday.

I was excited to find out Sibyl is interested in Geocaching and thought it would be awesome to see if we could make a find together before I hit the road. This one looked like a short, pleasant walk, but when we got there, this is what we saw!
The post was almost knocked over with glass shattered in front of it, like somebody drove into it! But when we checked the sign, that had nothing to do with it, and it said the trail was actually open. Still a funny picture with A on the other side of the fence where the Trail Closed sign is lol!

Heading down the trail to the cache.
The trail goes under a bridge, and there is a bunch of fish art along the walls. Akasha was quite taken with them.
Bananaslug!!! Akasha was scared of it. :shrug:
At the cache site.... It's in there somewhere....
Got it! Sibyl opening her first cache!
Akasha doing the happy cacher dance lol.
Close up so you can see the little die she chose.
We were playing a game where I would throw it and she would go run after it and bring it back.
Ummmm... isn't that fetch lol?

On the way back - some local art. :)
Then we got back on the 5 and headed toward home. We did stop a few more places though. This was at a cache near a library. Looks like she is trying to play peekaboo with the bear with her feet!
There is a series of caches in the Centralia/Chehalis area. I love cemeteries so decided to try for a couple of them, although I only found one.

I had never seen grave sites like this before. They were kindof eerie.
I saw several of these. Not sure what they are supposed to look like. They remind me of trees with branches cut off. Maybe they are logger graves!
"Room for one more honey..."
There was an area off to the side that looked like a grouping of child size graves. :shiver: I thought about going over there to see if there was something explaining it, but decided I didn't want to know. :/
This is at the other cemetery near the cache. I thought this was a pretty spot.
Cool old building in town. This whole downtown area was pretty neat. I would love to come back and explore some time! Plus there are a bunch more caches there lol!
This is a gas station right off the 5 near a cache and a perfect example of something I would have never known about if not for geocaching. Apparently there was a whole plan for a little Scottish themed village right here that lost its funding and never happened. The only thing that is left is this gas station! Too bad - that would have been such a cool place to stop on road trips!
Just a pretty little spot. :)

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