Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 2 of the Geowoodstock 8 Adventure!

After parking in the totally wrong place and having to take a shuttle/tractor drawn hayride a looong way, we finally make it to the front gate! We sat next to this funny older guy in a plaid shirt. When the tractor jerked the trailer, he said, "This guy did NOT grow up on a farm!" LOL!

Akasha looks thrilled.
I had to take some pictures of the travel bugs I brought to see the event. :) This one was a favorite of Akasha's. He wants to visit beaches in California.
This was a table where you could "discover" travel bugs that pretty much only go to events. There were some really strange things on the table, like heads and a skeleton pirate doll and yes, that is a refrigerator door lol. It had all kinds of things stuck to it which were also trackable. The kid looking at it is TOTALLY into geocaching. He had a little notebook with him and was writing all the tracking numbers down!
Only a geocacher would understand how funny this is, so I won't even try to explain it.
As you can see, the band was greeeeeat. Ahem.
How many pictures can I take of my baby eating chips? Plenty apparently.

"Get in ma belly!"

Making friends....
This is a nice mom I sat down and started talking to because she was breastfeeding. :)
Akasha loved these shirts!
She also loved these little bare patches of earth and spent a bunch of time stepping from one to another.

And she spent even more time running back and forth across this bridge.
She was really impressed with this giant strawberry and kept talking about it all day!
The caching after the event was more fun than the event imho. There were so many people going to them it was like a parade lol! And people had to keep telling the next ones where to put them back! Here is Akasha climbing up to one of caches.
This one I took when I was on my way to Everett and stopped at a few small towns to get caches. Yet another cache at a lovely labyrinth!
And then we made it to the Maiers'! Yay!!! I had such a great time getting to know them better. And nobody loves a baby like Ronnie. :) I told her how much Akasha loves to play in the sheets, and she hopped right into it! Who is that under there....?

You guessed it!
Glasses wisely off... :)
Then she got Akasha all set up to play in the sink. A baby could get spoiled around here, if you believed in spoiling. :)
What a nice way to ring in my birthday as we were up past midnight! I love the unschooling community and their willingness to take in stray travelers! :)

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