Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lazy Day at the River

It's good to have friends to live on a boat, especially when they have a private beach to visit. :)

Ciara6 - she has a screen name already lol!
Nice beach - there was even a little tide pool - nice and warm and perfect for the kids to play in.
Checking out the view.
The kids had a great time digging little pockets for the water to flow into.
Wishing I could remember what Oliver was asking for. Akasha looks skeptical.
Yeah that's sand....
Gets in your watermelon, but it's still yummy.
Splashing showdown....
Akasha on her trusty steed.
I thought these wet handprints on the log were cool looking.
Wouldja look at that belly!
Orion doing his crocodile walk.
Mount Hood was gorgeous today. The picture doesn't do it justice.
Kai was very busy. I asked him what he was doing, and he said, "Playing." Couldn't even get him to look up lol.
Love the reflections and water currents in this one!
More busyness.
I love the patterns in the sand made by the water.
Hey, he does have a face!
Ciara likes to sit like this. Looks cool from above.
My friends are so cute! :)
Nicole even got a picture of me!
And this one of the "Berry Brigade". The walk back to the docks was lightened by lots of berry picking and eating.
We hadn't seen Nicole's boat yet, and Ciara wanted us to come down, so we decided on a quick visit. Akasha bummed a ride!

Little ducks all in a row. And look their neighbor's boat is Witchcraft - cool name!
Boat baby! She loved the stairs after she got the hang of them.
Ah, life aboard - snacking and watching Spongebob. Wait, that sounds just like life at our house lol!

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Nicole said...

Oliver was telling me his hands were dirty and he wanted to eat :)