Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 1 of the Geowoodstock 8 Adventure!

We hit the road today for some caching and visiting with friends.

This was the first cache stop. If you look closely, you can see somebody put something in the horses mouth like they were giving it a little flower snack. :)
We stopped at Cait's for a visit. Where there are small rocks, Akasha is happy. I have so many pics like this I will be able to make a mural some day.
I love this picture as it looks like Aidan is sneaking up on Akasha with the bat lol.
But no! He was really hitting bubbles with it!
I loved this PVC water table contraption and had to take a picture for Ron. :) Hint hint.
County line cache - very clever! Luckily in the hint they let it be known there was a tool for retrieving it hid just down the road.
A little gnome cache! I met the nicest family who had also parked here for a dog stop. I figured they were geocachers, but no! However, they had heard of it, and the son was really into helping me look. The dad even held Akasha, and she liked him, which is amazing as she has been so mama focused these days.
First night stop - Olympia - at the home of my lovely Life is Good buddy Kirstin. What a beautiful home she has, and she even fed me an amazing dinner.

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