Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 3 of the Geowoodstock 8 Adventure!

Well, I had grand plans to eat at a local place for breakfast on my birthday, but when I tried to drive there, it turned out to be right on the route of the Fourth of July parade! So I turned the corner to head back to the 5 and noticed a Denny's with their Free Birthday Breakfast sign in the window. Hey, great idea!

Then it was back on the road heading South with hopes of a few caches. We stopped for one just off the 5 and I got some cutie pics of A holding the GPSr.
I asked for different faces.... Mad face:
Silly face:
Happy face:
Sleepy face!
We bought that necklace at the store where GW was, and she just loves it. She calls it her rainbow. Then she realized she could get it to stay on her head, and when she does that she says, "How bout headband?"

I wanted to do some caching in Seattle, but it was raining by the time we got there. I decided to go visit the troll (and of course there is a cache there) but I literally couldn't find any parking for BLOCKS. There was another event going on at Groundspeak, and I think it is in Fremont, so I bet most of those cars were other cachers! Alas, at least I took a photo of him from the car. Maybe we will climb around on him next time.
Considering the weather, I decided to just head to the Des Moines area where I was going for dinner and fireworks. I did grab a couple caches in that hood first, including one that was in this cool tree. The photo does not do it justice as the exposed root system is really intricate and amazing.
On to Sibyl's house! She is my brother's ex wife, and I was really close to her growing up, so it was great to reconnect. I hadn't seen her for literally 30 years about! She lives in a coop right on the coast. Really neat! This is one of the houses in the group I thought was really pretty:
This is the view down the common land to the water. There are homes on each side of the grass. From the water here, we could see like 4 different fireworks shows at the same time! The one out on the island was turning the clouds all different colors! There was one right in town as well, but it was neat to see several others from afar!
Window in front of Sibyl's place I thought was neat looking.
Akasha had a great time running up and down the looong path.
And um, yes, another gravel photo lol.
Good company, good food (somebody even brought a gluten free cake and all these nice, mostly people I never met before, sang to me), good fireworks, and best of all, they had a spot for me to stay the night! I originally planned on driving back that night, but I was soooo tired, and Ron had a bad feeling about it, so I was really glad I got to stay.

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