Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Today I had ice cream for breakfast....

Why? Because I wanted to. Because it's good. Because I can.

Well, more precisely, it was a coconut milk frozen dessert sweetened with agave, so it even fit my low GI diet! I just got to thinking about radical unschooling the other day, and how we are trying to let Orion follow his joy, including making his own food choices. But how often do I eat something just because it sounds good in that moment? I am so clouded by what is supposedly nutritious and what is supposedly a breakfast food, that I would normally never even consider ice cream for breakfast.

But there it was in the freezer this morning. And there I was wondering what to eat. Yum.

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Melissa Zollner said...

i ate coconut bliss dark chocolate for breakfast today too!!!!!! Woot!