Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Great Magnolia Shoot Out!

No, not guns silly. Cameras! I have several homeschooling friends on the Westside that are either professional photographers or just really into it, so we decided to get together and see what we could capture of our littles. Here are some of my favorites of the day.

Akasha's foot, with leftover body paint from a bday party earlier this week.
Grape thief!
My cold boy after playing in the fountain. I didn't get the memo about the clouds.a
There will be a grape and raisin theme you will notice shortly....
Serious boy.
Had a blast getting this one all sepia'd out just right.
Bonding over raisins.
This was hilarious. If you look carefully, you will see the little guy is being herded into standing right over where the water was going to spray up.
Orion got up on the high spinny thing for the first time and was holding on for dear life.
Yes, he went back in the water even though the sun didn't come out.
Also quite funny moment. He was doing this special little standing on the dome dance.
More raisin bonding.

"I like these puckered up little things!"
"I will defeat this creature!"
What *was* he looking at...?
And now... some great shots from my friends! The next two are Zoe's, and I think she totally nailed both kids! Akasha with a grape in each fist LOL!
And just so Orion - all about motion and balled fists but with a smile on his face.
Then a couple from Nicole. I got to thinking I would love one of me holding Akasha up with the sky behind her since we have something similar of Orion.
I went and found his - just a little resemblance? Maybe I will frame these together some day.
And last but not least! I now actually have a picture of me and both my kids!

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Melissa Zollner said...

what a lovely day! and you with BOTH kids, amazing!!! we have rarely captured that in our house, and only maybe once with both kids' faces showing... i'm in awe!