Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rose Festival Waterfront

We made a sudden decision to go to the Rose Festival today since Ron had to work. We even took the Max, and I used the stroller for the first time!

The petting area was one of Orion's favorite things last time we went, and he loved it today again. I swear this guy was smiling!
This guy was cracking me up! Look closely at the next two pictures.

Yes, he is standing up on the railing to reach for more food.

Here is my attempt to hold the camera up and get a shot of Akasha patting the sweet llama.
And of course, what would a petting zoo visit be without a little youtube clip.

Orion was quite excited to see these strange folks. (He has never watched the show). We took several pictures, but this is my favorite as he looks like he is giving Maggie's bottle the stinkeye haha.
Here is where Akasha spent most of the day, just kinda zoning out. Thank goodness since my leg was really hurting.

We had a great day overall. Orion even went on some rides by himself for the first time.
These people were doing such beautiful face paints, so we decided to get some done right at the end.

This is one of THE funniest accidental pictures I have EVER taken.
I decided to post it despite the fact my eyes look psychotic, because I swear to God I did not notice the sign until after I downloaded the pictures at home. That is a lost parent if I ever saw one! ROFL!

And here, if you look closely, you will see Orion running away from me, whilst riding his blow up dolphin.
Waiting for the Max, I get him to model his cool face.
And just because I want to continue to recognize his early genius, here is what Orion wanted to use the camera for on the way home.

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