Monday, June 15, 2009

And now for all the sappy birthday stuff...

My sweet little girl! A year ago today, I was snuggling with you in bed, settling in for a babymoon and falling more in love every day. You have brought me so much joy every day of your life. Your darling smiles, your silly dances, your funny sounds, your peekaboo hands, your kissy lips, your pure soul. You are so full of love and light!

Right now, you are very into pushing to standing in the middle of the room. You like to cruise on things, but haven't taken a step. I am expecting it any day! You are fairly stable when standing though, and like to shake your booty at any hint of music! You have recently started pointing at things and are also very into waving and playing "peeboo".

You still like to make your "digglediggle" sound the best, but was are also recognizing mama, dada, bubba, ball, book, baby, peeboo, numnum(any food), whoa (for falling down haha), poopoo (LOL), and the everpresent BOOF, which is still being used for all animals. You also say something that sounds like thank you sometimes!

Every day, we are learning new things about being together in family. You are coming into a personality of your own, and get quite angry with your brother when he takes something away from you now. I am glad to see your strong will coming out to match Orion's, although I am sure it will be challenging much of the time. I am growing so much as a parent as I never had to consider all these sibling issues before. You adore your brother more than anything, and he is often the only one who can get you laughing. You are full of kisses and pats for him every day, even 5 minutes after he has pushed you down.

Thank you for choosing me as your mother. I feel blessed to have your beautiful spirit in my life every single day!

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