Sunday, June 14, 2009

Birthday Shenanigans

Wow, a year. Funny I can remember thinking the same thing when Orion was a year, and here he is almost 5!

Our day started out playing with balloons. Orion took this one!
Then we discovered something funny.

Impromptu rocking chair photo session.

Trying on the party hats!
Akasha is totally coming out of her stranger anxiety lately and is enjoying hanging out with other people. She especially enjoyed Miss Allison today.
My homemade gluten free, dairy free cake.
I even bought beet dye for the writing. My decorating abilities are not the best, but at least you can read what it says LOL!

The store bought cake looks just a little bit better. :)

Waiting for the cake....
"Happy birthday to you..."
The yellow and red sign on the wall was the same one that was up for Orion's 1st birthday. I had saved it, so I thought it would be neat to reuse!

Ooooh, fire...
"What's all the fuss about? I'm still sitting here with an empty tray."
"Ah, so this is the good stuff. Get away from my cake!"
Ooey gooey frosting!

Finally, a taste!

Gettin' down to business...

OK, now a big bite! Didn't realize how big it was! This was right before she choked. :(
And the choking on too much cake face.
Dad asking if she is OK.
Stupid cake!
"All done!"
Orion getting a huge piece.
I had to get just one gift so she could have fun tearing the paper. Ciara is on hand in case she needs help. ;)

"What's the big deal about this paper?"
"Oh, there is something in here!"

Silly motorcycle kids. Orion likes to say he is going to Hollywood to see his sissy.

Akasha was having a blast bouncing up and down on the seat!

Kristin made her this awesome hemp and bead necklace! The spiral bead in the middle is the same design she gave me at my Blessing, so there is one just like it on my birth beads!
End of a long day.... Orion loves juice boxes and was overwhelmed with choices. He had three of them lined up like this and was drinking them all at the same time I guess LOL!

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Amoreena said...

So precious! Happy Birthday little one :)