Sunday, June 28, 2009

Scandi Fair!

We went to a Scandinavian fair over on the Eastside. A friend's daughter was dancing, so that was a real treat to see!
Very authentic pancake balls, accompanied by not so authentic diet coke and Lay's.
This dog was quite good entertainment! He was getting really high catching the frisbee and almost never missed!
His buddy preferred more of the cuddly type of activity.
After the fall.... Orion took a pretty big spill while Ron was twirling him, and he cried for such a long time. Almost seemed like he needed a release. He finally got into better spirits and ate some cookies. Yes, it was a carboholic day.
They had some supplies out for wreath making. I love these two because it looks like Akasha has the crown!

Somebody needs a haircut!
The one thing Orion kept saying is that he wanted a viking helmet. Lo and behold, somebody was selling some!
Silly leafhead.
Cracking up at this one as it captures this new thing she is doing where she breathes in and out through her nose quickly while it is crinkled up.
Just plain cute.
Look out Pan.
Ron and Orion were playing a game involving fetching a stick, a very big stick....
Slightly scary balloon guy.
Orion, waiting....

And then you would think there would be a picture of the finished product, but no, because I fail at photojournalism LOL. But for the record, he chose a giraffe.

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