Thursday, December 9, 2010

Treasures from California!

I try to bring home a few things that belonged to my mom every time I go to California. Here are some of the treasures that came home this trip.

This picture thing was not something she ever used, but I have always wanted something like it. I found it in the sewing room, which probably meant she intended to sell it, but I brought it home and got a bunch of pics developed to put in it. Kindof reminds me of a peacock tail!
One of the main things I wanted to get this trip... all the "cookbooks". These are photo albums with cut out recipes stuck inside. They are all falling apart, and probably won't have too many recipes I will actually use, but I am hunting for certain of the holiday recipes and will have fun going through them!
An idea of what they look like inside.
I also grabbed this three ring binder that had a whole copied book about household tips for this and that. Looks to be about from the 80s I think some of it, like getting stains out and such, might be really useful. But I also found it hilarious that the chapters were all like For the Kitchen, For the Laundry, For the Carpet, and then... For the Children! LOL, um OK, I turned to it with trepidation, wondering what horrors I would find, and honestly, I was mostly pleasantly surprised! I think the worst thing I found was in the Newborn section:
Actually, the first and third points have some good philosophy behind them, but PERFUME? Really? And used freely? Gag! Maybe something lovely like a diluted essential oil mist. :) And of course it makes more sense to just sleep with baby, but if you are going to go the other route, the heating pad does sound like a nice touch!

Some cute stuff in this one:
Better yet, put it in ice cream! We do this all the time! And a penny sucker? Is there still such a thing? LOL, great idea though!

Loved both of these! A laundry basket - what fun!
This by far was the biggest ROLF factor:
Oh, and about now I was getting annoyed it was ALL "he", but that is mostly how it was back then. :/ But still, what a touching, sweet thing to be advocating.

This was the second idea for how to deal with shampoo. Brilliant and fun!
I like this idea so much I might have to do it:
And last but not least... this lady totally has my vote after this one:
"respect for the little one". Respect for the little one?! Really? What a novel concept. I was just so surprised in a good way to see this phrase. I was expecting all kinds of crap about time outs and other discipline this and that, but it was nothing but love and fun.

Oh, and I snagged my baby book. It wasn't much kept up after the first few pages, but there were a few cute tidbits. Here is my picture from still in the hospital!
Here you can see my wittle bracelet and card that was attached to my bassinet:
The thing to note is that it was compliments of the Pet Milk company!!! Pushing homemade formula no doubt!

And I thought this was amusing:
Short skirts and long hair! Everything went one way or the other I guess. ;) That's it. Hope you had some giggles.

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