Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Solstice!

Technically Solstice happened late on the 21st this year, but we had our little celebration on the 22nd with some friends. I made a dinner that included a Greek chicken dish with sun dried tomatoes and lemon and fudge and orange jello to represent the dark and light halves of the yedar. Here we are getting ready for things.

Each kid had their own votive to keep lit all night to help the sun grow strong again, which they had decorated with glitter glue pens. It was a pretty cute little ritual. When we thought about things we wanted to leave behind in the dark, there was talk of anger, sadness and of course, monsters lol. Then I read the story about the tired sun from Circle Round, and we lit all our candles and talked about the new year. We even had a few presents!
I got this thing for Kai that had a couple ramps and several cars. Daddy Brian saved the night by putting it together, and then it was a huge hit for quiet awhile, with only a little drama over the sharing of it.
What a cutie that Nicole is!
Nicole sandwich!
Three boys all in a row.
More playing . Akasha didn't want to wear the cute dress I had picked out lol.
A picture worth a thousand words haha.
OK, I look a bit more normal in this one, but dang I need to do something with my hair!
Later on and a few cute pics of the kids on their perch.

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