Sunday, December 5, 2010

Questions Questions and Sharp as a Tack

Warning: this post contains content matter regarding the upholding the Santa tradition. If you will be offended, move on. :p

Orion has been asking questions galore for a long time now, and I got to thinking it would be fun to record some of my favorites, especially since some great ones have come up just recently. I think it is also a great way of showing how unschooling "works". A friend of mine recently said, "My wife tried unschooling, but she found she didn't have the patience or drive for it." I answered, "That is the great thing about unschooling. You don't have to have patience or drive, just a willingness to answer questions!" :) So many of them I don't even know the answers to (or have forgotten them), so it is a learning process for me as well! Here are some that stand out in my memory:

How do ears work? How do eyes work? How does your heart work? How does your body turn food into energy? And on and on about the body. So glad I saved my college Physiology textbook.
What is that place? that place? that place? looking at a globe. The kid could have me read him place names for hours I think.
We have talked about the sun being bad for your eyes if you look right at it, so the other night he asked me, "Does anything bad happen to you from looking at the moon?" LOL!
Can a woman marry another woman, or does it have to be a woman and a man? Ah, those are the kinds of questions that make my day!

And then sometimes he is just downright funny in his sharpness. The mall we went to with the carousel had a Santa set up for pictures. The guy was not getting much business. He had one of those very obvious fake beards, and didn't even look very old! We have talked before about how Santa must be very busy at this time of year, so all these other people just dressed up like Santa are his special helpers. So this came up last night. I asked, "Do you think that is the real Santa or one of his helpers?" Orion gave the guy a long, suspicious look and decided, "I don't think*that* guy is even one of the helpers!" Aaaahahahaha!

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