Saturday, December 4, 2010

Get Ready for Cuteness Overload!

We met Rachele at the Jantzen Beach mall so the kids could ride on the carousel. Akasha loved the one at Happy Hollow, so I thought she would have a blast. They have an unlimited ride bracelet there, so that was perfect, and that mall gets very low traffic, so it was really low key, even on a December night. And the guy that was running the carousel seemed genuinely like one of the nicest people I had ever met. He had a smile on his face the whole time, and he even when he was telling Orion to sit down while the carousel was moving, he did it with kindness. I commented to him how I thought the way he talked to the kids was great, and he said, "Yeah, some people just don't get it," and told me how much he loves his job. My kids liked him so much, they both started waving and yelling hello to him like EVERY time they went around lol. He gave them a big smile and a hello back EVERY time, and they ALL seemed genuine. Rare gem.

Orion prefers the bench thing. He says the horses are "too bumpy". Sister prefers the horses but road with Orion a couple times, providing for super sweet photo ops.

He still has those killer eyelashes!
The kids were amused with the various "horse butts", especially the corn.
There was one row that had these "mini horses". Just Akasha's size!
I asked for a kiss. :)
So I learned something new. Carousels have a "lead horse", and this is it on this particular ride. Orion liked this one because he said it looked like a king, before he knew that. Guess he had this horses number.
Evil red eyed dog butt near the lead horse.
The lead horse even had a plaque, and is named Portland.
Lounging in the chariot.
Baby butt and flower butt!
Kai seemed to prefer the bench too. Or maybe just riding with Orion? They look deep in conversation. :)
Kai really puts up with alot of Orion's "in your faceness" and actually seems to enjoy all those strange noises and raspberries blown right in his face. It is a mystery to me, but I am glad somebody is a fan lol.
Serious Boy/Silly Boy
"No more photos please."
Hard to see, but this panel is a painting of Multnomah Falls!
Then we went and bought discount tickets for the lights at the raceway and got that off our holiday "to do list" as well!

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