Monday, October 1, 2012

Opal Creek "Music Festival"

I have wanted to visit Opal Creek since the first time I read about it, so when I heard they were having a music festival, I thought it would be the perfect time to check it out.  I even decided to make it my first solo backpacking trip and got some new equipment.  The hike in was totally gorgeous, but the "music festival" was more like a few singer songwriters and just the people staying in the houses, which wasn't very many.  I thought there would be an area for campers, but I was the only one!  I don't think they really promoted it much at all.  So that part was really odd, and not what I expected, but I am still really glad I went.

Sign at the trailhead.

Yes I hiked the whole way in crocks lol.

Amazing nurse log

One of many cool bridges along the trail.

Lots of the trail was next to really steep and long drop offs.  Not for the faint of heart!

The old growth forest is amazing!

Evidence of the mining history.

Bits of fall color along the trail.

Old mine entrance!

I took about a million pictures of the old mining equipment.   I am a sucker for that kind of stuff. 

This outhouse seemed in the middle of nowhere, but I guess you don't want them too close to the buildings lol.

OMG the water was so clear and beautiful!

First view of Jawbone Flats.  I guess I took too much time dawdling over geocaching and taking pictures.

I had to find a campsite in the dark, but here is the beautiful view I woke up to!

My new tent!

Not sure if the tree was named Louise or this little camp spot was lol.

Bridge over opal pools, near my tent.

View from the bridge.

View from the other side - wow!

This is how you know where it is ok to set up camp.

Some leftover craft projects I found in a little shed.

Lots of old stuff around town...

This is where the energy for the town is generated.

Remind you of anything?

I had seen this amazing spot on the way in, so I decided to stop here for a picnic lunch on the way out, and build some cairns!

Best heart rock ever!

Face rock!

View from my lunch spot.

Some amazingly cool type of fungus.

Another mine I found on a side trail.

Hard to see, but there was another mine entrance across the river here.

On the trail to a geocache on the way home - no clue what this is!
Interesting old play structure at a geocache.

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