Thursday, October 18, 2012

California Trip October 2012

We had another great trip to California, and I was glad this time that the whole family could make it for most of the time. Thanks to the generosity of Sarah and her boyfriend, we were able to fly in and enjoyed alot of amazing food, and Sarah even treated Ron and I to a couples' massage and lunch while she babysat! Akasha also had her first trip to Disneyland. Fun times!
Passed out after a long trip in the hotel near Disneyland

Supercute hat!
In line for the submarine.

Almost there! They loved the ride.

Sweet sisters.

Wide eyed in It's a Small World.
This was the first time I had ever been in Toontown.  The sky was such a trippy shade of blue that it looked like a movie set!
Up in the Chip n Dale treehouse.
I have probably been to Disneyland at least 20 times, and never knew there was a huge petrified tree sample next to the lake.  Another discovery thanks to geocaching. 

Somebody picked out some new ears!
And Akasha got to wear the old ears.  
Akasha loves her new spinning Minnie!
Orion also got to pick out a gift and went for the squirt bottle with fan.  OKkkkk...
Winnie the Pooh ride!

I love going to Disneyland when the Haunted Mansion is all NBCd out!

Sarah got alot of cute shots and made some collages.  
OMG a family shot!  

In the Minnie house.

Another present from sissy!  
Gorgeous night shot.
Akasha got a Bindi at dinner.  
We finally got to meet Champers, cutest dog ever!  
Champers at my dad's house. 

Sarah and my dad and the kids went to the park while Ron and I were at the spa.  This is now one of my favorite pictures ever!  

Ah Simi in October - weather in the 90s lol.  
I also organized a family photo shoot and Sarah did my make up.  :)
The kids had a blast at the photo shoot and were in the mood to do  even more posing after.
Cuteness overload!

We also made a trip to the local pumpkin patch.  

My dad is still a goofball.

So I left my phone on the table, and Akasha found the camera and the reverse lol.  She took about 10 pictures of herself making funny faces.  Digital native indeed!

Made the pilgrimage to Snapper Jack's in Ventura

Visiting Ron's mom and Jim in Ventura.  I had no idea he made all these awesome bird houses with reclaimed products!

Went to see Ron's sister the same day.  The girls hit it off. 

Ron and Orion's last day in Cali.  We stopped for some mini golf on the way to the Flyaway.

Wow!  This is my brother's next door neighbor's house in their backyard.  You can see it over the fence.

Some drawing time with Sissy.

Akasha said this was a mountain with eyes.  :)

Headed back to Orange County the night before going home.  Steve put us up in a local hotel and treated us to a  great Italian meal at a local restaurant. 

Champers the travelin dog!

On the plane.  Hello Kitty is ready to go lol!  

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