Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Prep

I found this cute and easy craft online.  It is just magnetic paper that I painted and cut  into  pumpkin  shapes.  The kids  have had alot of fun with them.
Orion made this one and insisted it stay exactly like this lol.
Another fun and easy one!  Just some white cardstock and streamers and a marker.
My favorite craft from this year.  Some dowels and cheap white fabric and stuffing - a  ring of dancing ghosts!
Akasha wanted to be Kirby for Halloween this year, and I  don't have much in the say of sewing skills, but after much research on pumpkin like costumes, I came across this great idea of using a big and little shirt with stuffing in between.  I attached them with a glue gun and voila!  Who needs a needle and thread lol?

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