Sunday, October 28, 2012

Haunted Tunnels!

I have always wanted to visit the "tunnels" under Portland, so I thought the special Halloween season version would be fun.  There was alot of really interesting history on the tour, but later somebody told me this company's version is mostly bunk, and they weren't ever really any tunnels.  So not really sure what to believe about that, but it was still fun.  :)
This was supposedly an opium den.  There was also a story about a woman who was murdered  who sometimes appears in that window.  Woooooo!

These boots supposedly belong to some guys who were shanghaied.  They apparently kidnapped men, then held them down here until it was time to take them to the ships.  They would take their shoes and then leave broken glass all over the floor.  Gnarly.  :(

This was some crazy boxer that I already forgot the name of.  :)  He used to have fights down in the basement and was allegedly involved in the shanghai business as well.

This was a demonstration of the trap door that went from the bar to the basement.  They would usually target really drunk guys or men they  had even drugged!  The odd thing was those lines in the picture.  I showed them to one of the tour guides, and they asked me to  send it to the company.  Again,  woooooo!  

There was a long story about this guy, involving fooling some captain into a paying a bunch of money  for him as a shanghai victim - they had him all wrapped up in a blanket so they wouldn't realize it was a statue.  Then the ship wrecked and he ended up floating back to I can't remember exactly where.  Another one I am told is just a legend, but who knows!!!