Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Winter, Another Seussical Tree!

We have gotten our tree several times now from our friends at Corner Crest Farm. Orion didn't want to come this year, so I went up with just Akasha. It was a coooold day! Just by luck, my friend Amy was there at the same time! We went out together to pick our trees, and here is studly Tanya carrying them both back to the cars!I just love this picture because it looks like she has a big peacock tail!

Here we are with our trees! Amy went with the more noble Noble, but I love the natural and quirky look of the Douglas Firs.
And here is the quirky tree all decorated.
Even the crooked topper kinda fits the theme lol. It actually looked better from the front, but I couldn't get a decent photo with the glare of the window behind it.

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