Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Great Wolf Decenber 2011

I think I got more pictures on this trip than the last few combined! Ah the joys of having a waterproof camera.

This time at Great Wolf I organized my own group to get the discount. We had just enough families to make it work. It was a fun time as we did lots of room hanging out as well as the other joys of the resort. Did some hanging with Cait and Rachele the first night. Can't remember which one of them gave Akasha these stickers, but she had a great time decorating herself with them lol. This is a neat shot of a picture within a picture!

Akasha really passed some milestones this trip! She has always HATED getting water on her face in the past, but this time she was able to play right in the sprays and even walked through a sheet of water! And she was really into running around in the wave pool, even pretty deep!

Orion spent alot of time in the wave pool as usual as well. :)

As in the following pictures, this would have been unheard of before!

More random cuteness.

The second night, our acrobat boys had a great time jumping from here onto the bed! You can see there are water spots on the camera I forgot to clean off lol.

Whoa, half invisible!

Last day - Ron hit some kind of mega bonus and Orion chose this Airzooka thing.
One of the reasons we wanted to go in December was to see the holiday decor. It was pretty nice!

Oops, breakin' the rules.

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