Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cabin Camping

We went up to LL Stub with some friends this past weekend. Ron had to stay home, and it turned out to be a pretty stressful weekend for me, but there were still some good points. :)

This was the view from the front of the cabin.
A good part of Saturday was spent running and back and forth on this little path. At least that is what Akasha did with Leo and Irma, while Orion was off with Deb's girls exploring the paths near the cabins. Akasha was hanging on to a marshmallow pretty much the whole time lol.

This picture cracks me up as Anna looks like she is so intent on catching those babies!
What a dirty face!
"Maybe I'll just set it down here for a minute so I can run better!"
Amy is a babe magnet hehe!
Akasha likes to sit and fold her arms and pretend to be mad or sad. She will say something like, "I'm a mad baby!" then unfold her arms and smile and say, "No! I'm a happy baby!"

Nothing cuter than a baby butt!
I love this picture. It looks like Akasha is being serenaded.
Rice cake buddies!
Two perfect marshmallows!

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