Monday, August 16, 2010

Beloved 2010

Beloved was such an amazing experience. I can't even begin to say how happy I am I went. I don't think I have ever been to such a large festival at which literally EVERYBODY seemed to be there for similar reasons and in tune with the spiritual vibe.

This was the prayer tree where you could write little wishes and such on hearts and hang them up. Akasha was quite enamored with it.
Typical seen on the grass - partner yoga, hula hoops and guru looking type folk lol.
Amma the Super Duper Hooper. You can see the prayer tree in the distance.
So cute!
Akasha was fascinated with the partner yoga!
I think I spent $20 over the weekend on gluten free cupcakes!
Akasha had no stranger anxiety here! Nothing but wonderful energy. I was watching her over by the prayer tree when I saw this guy pick her up to hang a heart. She usually would not dig that, but she loved everybody that weekend!
These beautiful natural altars were all over the place.
Nakey girl near the pond.
Lunch at the tent!
One of the camping areas. Beloveds camp in style!
There was an area along the side where a bunch of folks were doing amazing live art.
Akasha loved these swings!
View of the food vending area - so many healthy amazing things to eat!
And the view from the eating area down toward the stage.
Good times at the childrens' area. This gal was blowing bubbles with Akasha and just CRACKING up. This was the first time Akasha actually blew bubbles, but she would just make raspberries half the time, and this gal would laugh and laugh.

Time for a rest.
Kwan Yin keeping watch over a permaculture talk.
This beautiful altar popped up on the last day as people were bringing over flowers that had been around in vases.
Art on the stage.
I got to watch this piece in various stages from the beginning of the festival - wow!
Akasha actually took this of our camping neighbors on the last day as we were waiting for the shuttle back to the parking area. I think it has a kinda cool flair!
Self portrait?
The rest of the shots are stolen from Ryan. I am glad he got a shot of these wings people were dancing with. They were SO cool - I would love to figure out how to make some!
Natural art near the pond.
Some of the art that was on display for sale.

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