Saturday, August 7, 2010

I'm That Mom...

Well this is strange.... I know I published this awhile ago, and now it is back in my drafts. Guess I will leave it the same date it had on it and just republish it. :shrug:

Lots of people I know have been writing up these little "I'm That Mom" things recently. I was in a group recently discussing them and mentioned that I haven't been able to come up with anything to write. It kindof bummed me out, but that was the truth of it. Every time I would read one, I would review my last couple days and think, there is really nothing that stands out. We are just getting by, and if anything, the moments that stand out to me are my screw ups. :(

So I kept thinking about it when I was driving home, and then it hit me: I'm that mom who couldn't think of anything to write an I'm That Mom about.

Because I'm that mom who has such high standards for herself that I beat myself up every day over the things I do "wrong".

I am that mom who is struggling with several personal issues that I am allowing to impact my parenting.

But I am also that mom who cares enough to recognize that and wants to take responsibility for it.

I am that mom who is daily questioning herself about what is best for my kids and what is blocking me from being the parent I want to be.

And at the end of the day, I am that mom who is trying to do a little better each day. And isn't that enough to be one of those I'm That Moms? I would like to believe it is.


Jessica Huber Butler said...

It's absolutely enough. Hugs Momma! So glad you wrote one. I want to say too that I am always so pleased with how your interactions go with MY kids :)

Laura said...

Lisa, I am *there.* I've been mulling over that potential post as well. How can I define myself as a mother when I'm still trying to figure it out every hour of every day?